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Welcome To A New Standard In Airbnb Property Management – One Person Does It All

Your short-term property rental manager, your host & your cleaner, all in one… an efficient, high level ‘ZiZibreeZi Superhost’.
ZizibreeZi provides a new professional standard of airbnb management company that drives more rental income and bookings.

Your occupancy increases.
Your reviews improve.
Your income grows.

‘The results of using this new, efficient ‘ZiZibreeZi Superhost’ system are outstanding’


5* Airbnb Guest
Ratings (overall average 4.8*)

“My reviews have shot back up to high scores since changing to ZiZibreeZi…finally a system that actually works for the customer!”

Biju & Gosia, Investors, Edinburgh & London

45% Increase in income

1 Bedroom - Outside Centre

Over 6 months - Increase in income of over 45%

Old Income: £4,900 - ZizibreeZi income: £7,100

60% Increase in income

Typical ZiZibreeZi Improvement
Real case: 3 Bedroom Flat in Leith, Edinburgh

Income illustrated is after cleaning and management fees have been paid
Over 6 months: Income with Old Management Company = £7.5k

with ZizibreeZi = £12k

ZiZibreeZi income
other leading
management companies

55% Income Increase

1 Bedroom -  Central

Over 6 months - Increase in income of over 60%

Old Income: £5,500 - ZizibreeZi income: £8,500


Per Listed Property

“I can’t believe the income difference with ZiZibreeZi, especially in low season…it keeps getting better & better…and it improved the minute I changed over to them”

Georgia, Landlord, Edinburgh

The power of 5 star reviews

The most successful Airbnbs are those with the best reviews: the better they are, the higher the site ranks you, the more visible you become.

Less hassle. Greater income.

As your reviews improve, your occupancy rates increase and your income grows. Our very simple unique way of doing things even means your low season gets filled. A ZiZibreeZi property achieves, on average, 18% greater occupancy and 55 – 67% greater income than the competitors.

Local market knowledge

Your ZiZibreeZi Superhost is a local with an intimate knowledge of your neighbourhood. They know what your guests want. They even know when a cool new bar has opened so they can recommend it to your guests.


Improved Income

(Compared to Other Management Companies)

“Why did no-one think of this before?…it makes such a difference having someone who spots everything and really knows & cares about my flat like I do”

Kim Wilson , Part Time Landlord, Edinburgh & London


Superhost Status


Superhost Status


A Win Win

As a property owner you want to maximise your income and minimise the hassle. And that’s exactly what ZiZibreeZi lets you do. We’ve turned the whole Airbnb management process on its head by empowering your cleaner, so they take more responsibility for your property. And you both earn more money as a result.

Accountable. Dedicated. Incentivised.

Your ZiZibreeZi cleaner is the co-host of your property. We give them full responsibility & training, so they not only manage the cleaning, but also the arrival process and handle any queries or guest emergencies directly. ZiZibreeZi is simply there as a backup should they need it.

It Couldn't Be Simpler

We manage all the finding, training and appointing of the Dedicated Co-Host (ZiZibreeZi Superhosts). We then find the property clients and simply join them both together. From then on we act as a support for the whole system providing total peace of mind for Guests, Landlords & dedicated ZiZibreeZi Superhosts. No more layers, no more pointing the finger at someone else - one person does it all.

Dedicated Co-Host (ZiZibreeZi Superhost)

We Own Your Property Like You do

Your dedicated ZiZibreezi Superhost manages no more than five flats at a time - and these are the same five flats every week, so they get to know them intimately. They clean those properties as if they were their own. They know their quirks, they can fix things quickly (or arrange help to do so) and they make sure your guests are happy. They are effectively stakeholders in your property, so that when your property does well, they do too.


We Make It Seamless

All you have to do is provide an Airbnb suitable property with all the usual building and contents insurance, maintenance records and your dedicated ZiZibreezi Superhost will take care of the rest. They will then work very closely with you to professionally set the listing up, no hassle - Easy peasy, ZiZibreeZi.

The National & International Guests

The Star Of The Show

We work very closely with Airbnb to make sure we keep up to date with what the guests want. We acknowledge that without them we would not
be part of this really helpful short stay revolution.

Stays Booked
in 24 Months

“I love being in control of my own wee franchise…so much nicer being left to just get on with doing a good job…and being paid well to do it…real satisfaction”

Barbara Kaminska, Dedicated Superhost, ZiZibreeZi

Delighted Guests

Delighted Guests

Interior Design Service

We can help your property stand out in a crowded market and would only be too happy to help you with this.

AirBnB Market Focussed

Benefit from our experience

We’re Airbnb owners ourselves and have over 20 years in hospitality experience at a very high level. So we know exactly what your guests look for in a rental property. And we know how to support your dedicated ZiZibreeZi Superhost to deliver just that. With ZiZiBreeZi your occupancy increases. Your reviews improve. Your income grows.



24hr Enquiry Response Rate

(90% Mandatory Minimum Superhost Requirement)

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