Interior Design for Short Term Airbnb Lets

Nothing Beats Experience and Service

The property development market has boomed as businesses have invested in the holiday apartment industry over recent years. But to stand out from the crowd, it takes more than the service, a website and a few decent Airbnb reviews of your accommodation.

Having worked in the design for almost 30 years, it has taught us something about what works and what doesn't. We have put some of our thought of what has worked for us and continues to work for us within property and short terms lets - we hope it is helpful.

interior design for short term lets

A Property Development Project on Time and Budget

Creating the Right Mood

Over the years, we have learned creating the right mood boards and taking the time to do it, saves lots of time and money for the business going forward. We tend to create a mood for each room, making sure photographs of each item is present.

When we get a brief from a client, it is the first thing we do. We make sure every bedroom is shown and everything from beds to curtains to cutlery is shown - and each considered detail helps to get across the general look and feel before a single thing is bought or any works starts on the decorations front. And more and more, the interior design work we do specialises in short term lets.

Make It Grand

In our experience, a well considered interior and all that encompasses, makes a stay for our travellers and guests much more enjoyable. From the flow of the layout including how user friendly everything is to the experience of the check in, the cleanliness, the location and the look and feel, the furniture, it all becomes important for us to add value to the customer experience.

Comfy & Cosy Accommodation

We love to consider the comfort of the accommodation space; each snug chair, and how easy it is to move around or relax in, each throw to wrap yourself in when the Scottish weather is doing its thing, the ease of temperature control to feel comfy & cosy, and simple technology to enhance the experience. We love to test all the other comforts, such as the carpets, the cushions, and the bed quality to make sure it is the best it can be. Essentially, we make it greater than the standard expected in a general 4*  suite accommodation, where possible, for far less cost.

Sophisticated Lighting

Lighting becomes a very important aspect for us - not just the amount or the quality of the lighting, but the control of it too. We make sure the mood can be set no matter the time of day. The light outside can effect things too, so we build in dimming control to ensure the experience for each customer is as good as it can be. We consider what the customer is going to do with the space, whether it is lounging to read a book, sitting to eat some dinner or relaxing in front of the TV to watch a good movie.

Essentially, we provide what we would expect in any high quality holiday home - much like our very own accommodation. This home from home experience is easy to replicate on airbnb and much harder to do in a cold hotel room. We love to provide this home from home feeling for our guests and have received many positive comments to that effect.

interior design for airbnb Zizibreezi

Staying connected in your Holiday Home

Our own personal experiences, when we stayed in airbnb around the world highlighted some basic needs, including the normal wifi connection and ‘watching a movie' experience. What we found was high speed internet connection was a must - largely because we tended to work when staying in different cities - and have found our guests rate us highly when this service is provided. The ability to get channels on the TV, such as Netflix is also a big win, again mainly because is feels a bit like home - and is a winner when there are young children about. It should be part of the service expected.

Breeze to Maintain

On a more practical front, experience has shown us, there is a way to design

Beyond the Bland

The standard of any house builder these days is to provide bland and magnolia, no matter how well the showroom looks - and most customers don't have the knowhow (or budget left) to replicate the quality of the design in the showroom, so the market is full of bland. But with the growing awareness of interior design in general throughout the world, and the demand for something better, the opportunity is there for making short and long term stay much much nicer - some would say grander.

Greater Intimacy

We have tended to focus on making each ‘relax' room a sumptuous place to be (within a very tight budget). We will buy high quality materials where we can velvet or high-quality cottons. Not only do the better materials last longer, they look better - more considered. We will consider all the textures - visual and otherwise - to ensure a greater sensory experience. And we will balance the look and feel to create a high quality home from home experience - a more intimate warmer environment. Forget Bland, Make it Grand.

It Has to Sound Right

One of the considerations often overlooked is soundproofing. Insulating your noise from other neighbours can make for a very friendly neighbourhood. Deciding where the TV is in the flat so as a guest can watch without the neighbours being bothered or even other guests in the flat can really add to the overall experience of the stay. Or positioning tumble dryers so as the noise is neutral in the flat - again, not on a wall where noise would transfer to a bedroom or relaxing space. We also tend to make sure carpets and underlay is the best it can be to help dampen any residual noise.

You Have Arrived

Of course, most of us decide how a place is going to be - even before we have stayed - with our first impressions. So, making sure that initial entry to the flat is appealing is a must for us. From the front door approach to the lighting and look and feel of the hall, we make sure it is all considered. We usually aim for a feeling of luxury as you can see from the pictures represented here - and that starts from the moment you arrive at the holiday apartment, living space or home.

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Your Property and Project Managed

Zizibreezi provide a range of Airbnb management and short-term property letting services and interior design services. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland you can find us on Google Maps. If you are an owner, do give us a call or send us a message if you have a project and a price in mind, we would love to help you increase your letting income from your property.

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